Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why we should support Obama

I want you to be a part of history in the making, be a part of CHANGE you can believe in. Everyone has a part to play and should play it to the best of their ability. Looking back you will be glad you played a role.
Barack Obama an African in American is making history in his quest to become the next president of the USA. Obama is a representation of us all. I will not go into the political reasons why we all should choose him rather I wish to elaborate on the positive impact it will have on this generation. We all know the negative impact slavery has had on this world especially on the psychology on descendants of former slaves and black people all over the world. This is the time for healing. A BLACK man in the WHITE house will go a very long way in removing that stigma that has made us blacks believe that we are second rate. It will show us that we can aspire and succeed in occupying the most powerful positions in this world. It will show black kids and other minorities that it isn’t only in entertainment they can excel and stop them from believing that they are handicapped because of their color. I assure you that it will go a very long way.
You must not be in the US to have an impact. What I implore you to do is simple. Contact every eligible voter in the US you know to please vote for Obama. The next primaries are in Ohio and Texas On the 5th of March. We have families there. Just ask them to GO OUT AND VOTE!! If possible call on the day and push them out of the house, school or office to be a part of history. I doubt that this is a difficult task. Please forward this to as many people you can thank you. You then would have played a part in making history happen.

Nwoye Osita Orji (Oo), KCOB (Remove my name when you are forwarding it so it is personal.)
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Anonymous said...

I am a die hard Obama supporter. I will do my best!!

Anonymous said...

I personally believe that voting for the president of a country shouldn't be dependent on the the presidential candidate's skin colour. Taking the political or economical side out of the entire picture does not help matters. After all, a WISE black man once fought that his children be judged not by the colour of their skins but quality of their characters. Taking sides based on skin colour, in this case only judges the white man/woman by his colour.

If you want to vote for someone then do so because the person actually has what it takes, and what to deliver as against his/her contenders.

I personally believe Barrack Obama is the guy to vote for. But please do not suggest to people to go out voting because he is black, and hence about to make history.

If white people come out campaigning that Sen. Hilary Clinton or even John McCain should be voted because they are white, and the elections eventually turned to a black or white thing, then I guess we all know Barrack Obama wouldn't be the next President.

I believe in Obama. I have the Obama Flu, but I certainly don't have it because he is Black.

Voters be WISE.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see i'm not the only one who thinks that the choice of president of usa and indeed any other country shouldnt be a prejudiced decision. i'm sure if we chose the president of nigeria because he is ibo or hausa or he is not female, it wouldnt be popular. also if hilary clinton pulls out her femminist card "vote me cos i'm a lady", not everyone will be pleased right. y should people vote for barack obama cos he's black, wat kind of message r we sending to young people, y should white voters vote obama then? afterall, he's black... personally, i think people should learn to stop seeing colours and see personality. besides, in terms of political clout, how does obama measure up to hilary clinton? please lets call a spade a spade... its not a popularity contest, its the president of the united states and that requires more than wat skin colour u've got. if he has got the qualities then he should show it and he will get the votes...